Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sustainability in Practice- Valentine's Day

Each year 200 million roses are grown specifically to fill the demand on Valentine's Day. That is a lot of water, land use and labor! In addition, millions of greeting cards and boxes of chocolates are sold which are made from trees and take a lot of resources to create.

Everyone wants a Valentine, but college students are especially picky about not spending the holiday alone! Dates opportunities are immense (if you have the courage to ask) and if you do have one, you better not show up empty handed!

Guys and girls, as you are out shopping for the perfect bouquet, a card that says everything your heart feels and candy to sweeten your night, consider earth friendly options!

If you're short on cash, consider making a card. I know it sounds cheesy but it can be very effective! My boyfriend made me a Valentine a couple of years ago and I still have it. It is my favorite card he has ever given me! If you prefer to buy one, cards made from recycled material are very common nowadays. The book store on the WSU campus offers such cards.

Boxed chocolates-- dated! This is the easy way out! Bake some cookies!

As for flowers, they are the Valentine's Day staple. They are beautiful and ladies love them :) It is important, however, to consider where the flowers you buy come from. Many flowers are grown using a ton of pesticides and the companies provide very poor conditions for workers. Kenya, one of the worlds top flower exporters, is home to Lake Naivasha. However, the lake is severely polluted from the pesticides, used to grow flowers, running off into the lake. Buying flowers locally through a natural grocer or farmers market are usually good bets or you could always try planting a small organic garden of your own!

While showing your love for your someone-special, don't forget to show love for the earth!!! There is only one of her and she's much harder to make amends with!

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