Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sustainability in Practice- Your Education

Some campuses may recycle, or use recycled material when possible, but Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers entire college degrees with a sustainable emphasis! Aquinas College Sustainable Business programs teach students how to function in a sustainable manner in the business world. They emphasize social and environmental sustainability as well as fair treatment of employees and fair business relations.

One of the college's "mission's" if you will is to dismantle the belief that implementing sustainable business practices is expensive. On the contrary, the program holds the belief that if the innovation does not save the business money and increase profitability, it is not one of sustainability.

The college hopes to produce graduates that can implement sustainable practices that will benefit grass roots causes such as businesses that can hire community members. For example, a college grad being able to return to their home town to find employment instead of having to re-locate half-way around the country. This localized spillover approach seems very opposite from the practice of the last few generations but it sure makes sense to me.

Instead of trying to implement sustainable afterthoughts here and there, it is logical to mold ones entire education and background around sustainability. Cheers to Aquinas College's sustainable mindset! I encourage you to look into their program if you are interested!

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