Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sustainability in Practice-WSU debate and zHome

A recent debate associated with Under the Big Tent focused on energy use, fossil fuel use and the environment. Panelists included Amanda Stahl, Donald Wall, Matt Beil and Brett Haverstick. The debate was moderated by Robert Richards.

The panelists discussed the problems with fossil fuels, the public misconceptions on nuclear energy safety and the issues with overdrilling. You can see the Daily Evergreen student newspaper's recap of the event below.

Also take a look at this article from the WSU News Center about a new style of living that is carbon neutral. WSU was involved in the plan and development! Go Cougs!

Are  you informed on the issues surrounding fossil fuels, drilling, nuclear power? If not, we strongly advise you take a few moments and do a little research. Information is power, an informed citizen has the power to decide how to proceed in the future. A well informed citizen can help protect the environment. So become that well informed citizen, the environment needs it!

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