Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sustainability in Practice-WSU Team for Idaho Idea to Market 2011 Competition

A WSU team is participating in the Idaho Idea to Market 2011 competition on May 17-18. The competition is a business feasibility study of future technology. They chose to develop a Nanoantenna product (a rectifying antenna which is a solar collection device that captures abundant solar energy). Nanoantenna has more benefits than today's solar power.

Nowadays, people are interested in alternative energy which can save environment and save money. Solar rays are the most available source among alternative energy, some experts say. Researchers at the Idaho National laboratory have developed a solar energy collector that can observe the energy not only during the sunny days, but also at night and on cloudy days. This technology is called Nanoantenna collects hear energy generated by the sun and other sources. The main difference between current solar power and Nanoantenna is that current solar energy's solar cells are mostly made of silicon; the primary component is sand and Nanoantenna is lightweight and made of flexible materials.

The WSU team is trying to find out what kind of product can deliver value to consumers.

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